What is IM SEL?

What is IM SEL? 

Internal Medicine Structured Evaluative Letter (IM SEL), formerly known as DOM SLOE. 

IM SEL is a letter consisting of a standardized and structured review of an applicant. It highlights the applicant’s clinical competencies and professional skills apart from the details of clinical clerkships and sub-internships. 

Following are some of the parameters assessed:

– Patient care ( According to the clinical settings)

– Teamwork and accountability 

– Interpersonal skills

– Commitment to Personal development 

  • Is it only for candidates applying to categorical programs?
    It is applicable for candidates applying to categorical IM, combined IM programs, and preliminary IM programs. 
  • Is it a mandatory requirement for IMGs?     
    It is not a mandatory requirement for IMGs unless a residency program specifically asks for it. 
  • Does it completely replace the LORs for categorical medicine? 
    According to the present recommendations, it does not entirely replace the LORs.
  • Who is eligible to write an IM SEL?
    Department of Medicine chair of your med school.
  • It’s been more than 4-5 years since my graduation. What should I do? Or my med school does not have medicine chair. What should I do? 
    In such instances, you can get the it written by an attending who has supervised you for a minimum of 8 weeks (8 weeks of externship). 
  • My writer is unable to include all the details mentioned in the template. Is that okay? 
    Yes, it’s absolutely okay to miss certain parts of the template, such as a graph. But assessments must not be missed. 
  • How do I upload it? 
    For now, it is advised to upload it attached with the regular LOR as a single file. The procedure is similar to requesting and uploading a regular LOR. 
  • Is there is processing time for it? 
    Yes. The processing time is the same as that for a regular LOR of 7-10 days. 
  • I am unable to obtain it. Am I at a significant disadvantage compared to others with IM SEL? 
    IM SEL assists the PDs in making better decisions. Students without IM SEL may not be at a significant disadvantage compared to others. The exact outcome will be known after the upcoming match. 
  • Do I have to send it manually to each program? 
    No. You have to assign the LOR with IM SEL to all the programs you wish to apply for in myERAS. 
  • Where can i get more information about IM SEL?

  • Do you offer IM SEL writing services?
    Yes. Please do refer to the link to know more about our services.
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